Silver Gelatin Print from an Ambrotype

Ever since I overexposed an Ambrotype I’ve wondered how well it would perform as a negative, mounted in the DeVere 54. So I finally got round to knocking up a holder from cardboard to fit in the plate holder. Turning on the enlarger light I was impressed by the projected image. It was really bright so I stopped the lens down to f/22 and started with a grade 4 filter. It turned out that a grade 2 filter was sufficient for 25 seconds and I dodged the side for 12s and bottom for 10s. From a bad ambrotype I got a pretty interesting silver gelatin print!

The resulting silver gelatin print:

The original Ambrotype:
Ambrotype 3

  1. simon kidd

    Hi JP

    Awesome to see you working a print from this process. You’ve totally embraced the collodion spirit and I think that’s amazing!

    I haven’t fired a shot with a camera larger than medium format in anger for months, I’ll have to get Big Bertie out some time next week when I’m off with Anna during her school break.

    If you drop these photos on Flickr now you’d better uninstall the Flickr app on your phone because it’ll be broken by 8pm after the flood of like alerts hit!


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