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  1. Hans ter Horst

    For your first home developed film, you did really well! You have some great tones in all the shots and hardly any dust on the negatives (this was my problem when I first started developing film myself). I’m very keen on HC-110 myself although I shoot mostly Fuji Acros 100.

    • James

      Many thanks Hans! I’m really pleased with the results and I still find it hard to believe that it worked and I didn’t totally screw it up! I was really sure I’d have a problem with dust (we have a dog, coal fires, and lots of dust!) and so I’m quite surprised at how little there was. I did have to clone a few bits out, but there was far less than I get from a professional lab.

      I’m really taken with HC-110 in the simplicity of it – the small quantities of syrup required for one shot development really makes it easy to do.

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